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Remodelled heirloom gold ring | Handmade Jewellery | Heather O'Connor


From statement gemstone jewellery, to personalised keepsakes, express your story your way with a one of a kind piece.


To have a piece of jewellery or an item of silverware designed and made especially for you is a wonderfully rewarding experience.  Whether you are marking an occasion or fulfilling a long held desire, I'm here to help bring your story to life with my modern designs.

Further examples of bespoke rings ideas can be found in my wedding section


Have sentimental gold pieces and unworn treasures remodelled into stunning new designs to be loved, worn and past forward to future generations.



"I inherited this ring after my Dad's passing in 2015.  When my Mom decided to upgrade her engagement ring she had her original diamond set into this ring for my dad.


I liked the idea that it would once again find new life and form as something for me and I wanted the first time I wore it to be my 50th birthday in 2018. As you can imagine, finding and trusting someone with the task of creating something new out of something that meant so much to  me and, previous to that, my Mom and Dad was no easy feat. Thankfully I was introduced to Heather. 

original ring and sketches.jpg
wax ready to carve- signet ring.jpg
carved wax and original ring and diamond
Raw cast in palladium - signet ring.jpg
cleaned up casting and original ring.jpg
Palladium signet ring with reused diamon


She worked with me over a number of sessions to create a piece to retain the soul of the last incarnation of the ring. What we created together exceeded all of my expectations and is one of my most beloved possessions.


Her patience and skills not only yielded a beautiful ring but helped me through the process of honouring my Dad’s life"


- Chris



It is always an honour to be involved in your story, so if you have a project in mind and my design style feels like a good fit, then get in touch.  We can work together from scratch on a completely bespoke design, customise a piece from my portfolio or breathe new life into your heirloom jewels (see wedding page for further examples).  The choice is yours!


Email is my preferred way to start the conversation, it gives me time to digest your enquiry.  You may have a clear vision of what you want or just a vague notion that needs plenty of guidance.  Either starting point is fine, just send me an outline and if possible any images you may have to help illustrate your idea, and we can start from there. 


We can then arrange a meeting at the studio or continue the process by email / skype etc if a visit is not possible.


Sometimes it just takes a conversation, other times a simple sketch or model, and other times layers of research, sketching and experimentation,  It all depends on the individual nature of the project in hand.


If precious stones are required I can source these for you to choose from, I am also registered to offer fairtrade gold.


This varies greatly but most commissions take between 5 - 12 weeks to complete, so please allow as much time as possible.  Remember, the less rushed the time-frame the more you can relax and enjoy the journey!  If you have a short  deadline let me know and I will do my best to accommodate.


The price for bespoke pieces varies greatly depending on the level of design and research needed, choice of materials (note: silver is not recommended for engagement or wedding bands or for remodelling), cut and quality of gemstones, intricacy of construction and specialist techniques or processes involved.  If you have a specific budget in mind please let me know as this will help me to guide you on the best options from the very beginning.


Once a design, cost and deadline is agreed, and before making commences, a 50% deposit payment is required with the remaining balance due on completion and prior to collection or delivery. 


Please note that deposit payments for bespoke work are non refundable. 

Customised, remodelled or bespoke items are not eligible for return or refund. 


Now you just have to sit back and relax whilst your beautiful bespoke piece is handcrafted just for you :)



Ready to find out more?

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