"There is a little piece of me in everything I create"

Heather established her South London studio in 2004.  A graduate of the Royal College of Art, she combines traditional and modern techniques, handcrafting jewellery and silverware with a refined, contemporary aesthetic.

Quality craftsmanship and an acute attention to detail is synonymous with her brand, accentuated by the minimalist language of clean lines, simple form, structure and balance that flows throughout her designs.  

Her jewellery collections are confident and feminine.  It's refined grown-up jewellery with a playful edge that truly comes to life when worn.

      "Jewellery has the power to transform your mood, to make you feel empowered and connected. 


It shouldn't just be saved for best, it should be worn and enjoyed everyday".  



As well as producing her own collections Heather offers a bespoke service, working directly with you to make your jewellery or silverware desires a reality through her modern, design style.

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 "Having a bespoke piece

designed and made is a very rewarding and personal experience. 


I aim to capture the essence of each individual customers unique story". 

Transparency is important.  Although the majority of designs are produced in house by Heather, some projects require specialist skills, such as engraving or micro setting, and for these Heather works with only the finest UK craftspeople, helping support other small businesses and ensuring quality and vision are never compromised.

​Heathers designs transcend seasonal trends in favour of timeless elegance.  Each piece is thoughtfully designed and made to be worn and cherished for years to come.  Her little pieces of handmade luxury to adorn your everyday.